Green Acres Baptist Church
Thursday, November 23, 2017
Proclaiming the Message - Serving Others


Following are some pictures from various events at our church. Thanks to Gomer Caudill for providing these photos.
The children during Vacation Bible School:
Lining up for snowcones!
Enjoying the bouncy castle!
Preparing table toppings for our Thanksgiving Dinner.
Each year we play the White Elephant Gift Exchange at our Christmas Party. Here are a few pictures from that fun evening.
Ruby opens a gift while Roger looks on. Watch out Ruby! Someone may steal that
gift from you.
Sheila found a gift to accentuate her beautiful blue eyes!
There's always lots of laughter. Bill tries to figure out what on earth he got in his choice.
It's face coasters. Nice look Bill!
Sue scored a hand-made University of Kentucky throw! Good thing she's a fan.
Mrs. Claus, aka Inez, was able to attend the festivities.
This is Mr. Claus, Don, relishing his gift of mixed nuts. Don and Inez do so much to help our church and are dearly loved. Looking on are Dan and Beth. Dan is our Worship Pastor. He and Beth have invested many hours into our church as well and Beth's smile always lights up the room!