Green Acres Baptist Church
Monday, October 23, 2017
Proclaiming the Message - Serving Others

GABC Sermon Page

Welcome to the sermon page of our church's website. Here will be posted each week's sermon. There are two ways to listen.
Clicking on the Audio only link will give you an opportunity to open your default media player on your computer to play the sermon. Alternatively, you also choose to download the file, which is in MP3 format, to your computer and save it. Then the file can be transferred to you phone or other device to listen to later or in your car perhaps.
The Godtube version will play the sermon as a video file. Godtube only allows videos to be uploaded. In this case the video portion is a still picture which is initially superimposed with the sermon information. 
Following is a list of links to sermons preached at Green Acres Baptist Church, Louisville KY. The first sermon starts 2:45 into the sermon due to technical difficulties. Currently the pastor at GABC Louisville is Jeff McCarty. The link will give the date, sermon title, scripture reference, sermon preacher. Simply click on the title of the sermon to listen.
Date                          Sermon Title                                                                                 Scripture Reference                              Preacher

July 30, 2017               When A Good Work Brings Trouble                                                 Acts 4                                               Jeff McCarty
August 13, 2017           Ambassadors of Reconciliation                                                        II Corinthians 5:16-20                        Jeff McCarty
August 20, 2017           Fake Faith                                 Audio only link                              Acts 8:9-25                                        Jeff McCarty
                                  Fake Faith                                 Godtube version
August 27, 2017           Be Ready                                  Audio only link                              Acts 8:26-40                                       Jeff McCarty
                                  Be Ready                                  Godtube version
September 3, 2017     Conversion of a Terrorist               Audio only link                             Acts 9:1-9                                           Jeff McCarty
                                Conversion of a Terrorist               Godtube version
September 10, 2017   The Privilege of Ministry                Audio only link                              Acts 10:9-19                                       Jeff McCarty                         
                                The Privilege of Ministry               Godtube version
September 17, 2017   A Living Extension of the Book of Acts     Audio only link                    Acts 29                                               Jeff McCarty
                                A Living Extension of the Book of Acts     Godtube version
September 24, 2017     The Power of Conversion          Audio only link                              Acts 10                                                Jeff McCarty
                                  The Power of Conversion          Godtube version
October 1, 2017          They Were First Called Christians   Audio only link                            Acts 11                                              Jeff McCarty
                                 They Were First Called Christians   Godtube version
October 8, 2017          The Lord's Supper                         Audio only link                          1 Corinthians 11:17-26                         Jeff McCarty
                                 The Lord's Supper                         Godtube version
October 15, 2017        A Tapestry of Guidance                  Audio only link                         Acts 15:36-16:10                                   Jeff McCarty
                                 A Tapestry of Guidance                  Godtube version