Green Acres Baptist Church
Friday, August 07, 2020
Proclaiming the Message - Serving Others

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? – Be comfortable. Some of our members wear suits with ties and some women wear dresses, while others wear casual pants and shirts with no tie. We do prefer that you dress modestly and not wear clothes with offensive words or phrases.
WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU SING? – We have a blended musical style. In our service you will hear a mix of contemporary Christian music, traditional hymns and gospel songs.
IS THERE CHILDCARE? – Yes. We offer childcare during our morning services for children from infant through five years of age. Bible classes are offered for older children and youth. We also have a Children’s Worship Service during the Morning Worship service.
AM I EXPECTED TO CONTRIBUTE? – No. Christians are expected to give to God’s work through their local church of which they are a member, but our guests are not. However, we do not deny you the opportunity to give to God's work through our church.
WHAT BIBLE DO I NEED? - We accept the Holy Bible as God's written word. We do not use any specific version. Usually used in our services are the King James Bible, the New International Version, the New American Standard Bible, and the Holman Bible. We accept these and other versions as reputable translations of God's word. However there are those we think do not correctly represent God. Please contact the pastor if you have a question regarding a particular version of the Bible.
MUST I BE A MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN COMMUNION? - No. We practice open communion. We only require that you profess Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.
HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER? - An invitation to become a member of the church is offered at the end of the worship service. You may also contact the pastor at anytime to talk about becoming a member. You may become a member of Green Acres Baptist Church by accepting Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord and presenting yourself for baptism and membership, by transfer of letter from a cooperating Southern Baptist Church, by a Statement of Faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.
MUST I BECOME A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH? - No. However we believe and teach that God's word instructs us to become members of a local body of Christ, a church. The reason for this is for personal spiritual support and edification, and to join with others in fulfilling the mission God has given His church. Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to vote on matters that come before the church and it gives you the opportunity to hold certain church leadership positions.
MUST I BE BAPTIZED TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THIS CHURCH? - In short, yes. We believe the Bible teaches that one should follow their decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ by baptism. This is thus an act of obedience to God. It is also a testimony and encouragement to others that you have become a follower of Jesus Christ. However, in rare cases the Pastor and Deacons of the church may make an exception due to health reasons. Please contact the pastor regarding your questions about baptism.
HOW DO YOU BAPTIZE? - We practice baptism by immersion. We believe this follows the teaching in the Bible and Jesus' example. In rare cases the Pastor and Deacons will allow a modification to baptism by immersion. Please contact the pastor with your concern and questions regarding your baptism.