Green Acres Baptist Church
Friday, August 07, 2020
Proclaiming the Message - Serving Others

About Us

Mission Statement
As people of God unified by the Holy Spirit because of our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, we gather in humility, peace, and love:
  • To proclaim in worship and witness God's redemptive love in Jesus Christ
  • To challenge one another as disciples of Jesus Christ in Bible study, prayer, and witness
  • To offer others in evangelistic invitation God's forgiveness of sin and purpose in life
  • And to minister to each other for our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
 History of Green Acres Baptist Church
The vision for a church located in the Newburg area of Louisville, KY began in 1953 when Farmdale Baptist Church, Louisville, KY felt led to establish a mission church as part of God's call to evangelize the world for Jesus Christ. Land was secured from the Maddix family at 5189 Poplar Level Rd in September of 1954. Renovations were begun on an existing building and completed in May 1955. The mission was named Green Acres Baptist Mission in view of the neighborhood being known as Green Acres.
Meanwhile a committee of members at Farmdale Baptist Church was formed to search for the mission's first pastor. Reverend Donald M. Randolph was called to be that first pastor. He assumed his duties as pastor of the mission on May 1, 1955. On Sunday, May 22, 1955 Bro. Randolph led the first worship service of the mission. During that first service the first charter members joined the mission including many from the Maddix family. Through the following months and years the church enjoyed God's blessings of new members.
The original building was a single story building. That building still exists though it has been renovated several times. Presently our Fellowship Hall is located on the first floor of the original building. Where our Fellowship Hall and Kitchen are currently located is where the church first held its worship services. As the church grew it acquired an additional two and one-half acres of land in 1956. That year the church also completed construction of a second story to the original building. The second story of the original building is currently used for Sunday morning Bible study classes. The church's present sanctuary and office space was constructed in 1961. In 1964 a new two-story addition was added to the original building and sanctuary. The new addition currently houses several Bible study classes, our nursery and the choir rehearsal room.
On July 1, 1956 Green Acres Baptist Mission was constituted as a self-supporting, autonomous church aptly named Green Acres Baptist Church. The church became affiliated locally with the Long Run Baptist Association, statewide with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention. In 1966 Green Acres Baptist Church was recognized as one of the fastest growing churches in Kentucky and the whole Southern Baptist Convention. The church enjoyed steady growth through 1971 and was a powerful influence in the Newburg area and all of Louisville. The church's services were broadcast over the radio, its Youth Choir recorded a record album, and the site was the location of Long Run Association softball games. The church also began and operated a children's day care for many years.
From 1955 to 1978 the church was pastored by Bro. Don Randolph. Bro. Randolph resigned from the church in 1978. After a year's search for a new pastor the church called Reverend Daniel Powell to be her new pastor. Under Bro. Dan's pastorate Green Acres Baptist Church became a part of the local area ministry MUSCL. MUSCL stands for Ministries United South Central Louisville. MUSCL provides spiritual, financial, and physical assistance to residents in the area. The church also became affiliated with Dare to Care and as a member provided a food pantry providing food assistance to families in the church's surrounding community. To this day the church assembles boxes of food that it distributes during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
In 2011 the Pastor's Search Committee presented to the church Dr. Philip Ellis for consideration as the new full-time Senior Pastor. Bro. Phil was called by the church to be her new pastor. He assumed his duties as full-time Senior Pastor on April 1, 2011. Under Dr. Phil's leadership the church has continued its involvement in the local schools. Each summer the church donates backpacks, school supplies, and other basic needs to give to the children of our nearby schools. The church hosts several activities that the community is invited to enjoy such as a Trunk or Treat Festival during Halloween week, an Easter Egg Hunt, Community-wide Easter Sunrise Service and Breakfast, an Oil Change Day for single mothers, and much more. At the end of 2015, Dr. Ellis followed God's call to serve a church in Mississippi and to be closer to his wife's parents.
On October 2, 2016, Reverend Jeff McCarty assumed the role of Senior Pastor. Members of Green Acres look forward to continuing 60+ years of ministry to the surrounding communities. Pastor Jeff's last Sunday as Green Acre's pastor was April 28, 2019.
Green Acres Baptist Church continues to provide local, state, national, and worldwide assistance through many activities. Some of these ministries include time, material, and prayer support by our WMU, WMU stands for Women's Missionary Union. WMU is a group of ladies of the church that lead the church to donate materials to various local organizations that provide assistance to others in need. Many members of the church support the work of Sunrise Children's Services. Sunrise is a ministry effort of our Kentucky Baptist Convention to abused and neglected youth across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Throughout the year the members of Green Acres give above their offerings to support Green Acres to ministry efforts like Wayside Mission and Jefferson Street Baptist Center here in Louisville, Oneida Baptist Institute in Clay County, Kentucky, the Eliza Broadus State Mission Offering, the Annie Armstrong Home Mission Offering, and the Lottie Moon Foreign Mission Offering. These are but a few of the ministries the church supports. The church provides this assistance as fulfillment of God's call to spread the gospel and to minister to people in our community, our city, our state, our nation, and throughout the world.

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